My baby

Presented: My baby = Marc by Marc Jacobs Baby Groovee.
THE bag I craved after so much. Well, now I've got it. And the colour is nice. First I thought I would want the colour fudge but I changed my mind.

Baby Groovee is perfect for days when you walk around the city and you don't want to carry around all your belongings.

Also, I found this beautiful bag from Zara just a couple of days ago. The color theme is the same and therefore suits many of my outfits well. This bag is suitable for evenings and parties, with pretty dresses and high heels.


Newlyweds <3

Surprisingly I pay attention to all the wedding stuff going on... haha. Here is a good example of a glorious wedding: Ivanka Trump. She married her fiancé Jared Kushner in...VERA WANG. Of course. And the dress was customized for her by Vera Wang. (of course). The inspiration for the dress came from Grace Kelly (who else...) who wed Prince Rainier III in 1956 (more info here).


What to wear...

...to a wedding.

Yep yep, it is time for a great celebration. On saturday, my boyfriend and myself are attending a wedding. The trouble just is to decide what to wear. It's gonna be a fall-wedding so I thought fall-ish colours, not anything too bright. So I have narrowed down my choices into two dresses.

Black is always classic but it might be a bit dark choice. If I decide to wear the blue dress I need to choose the accessories to it.

Satin belt with a bow or just a simple narrow black leather belt...

...or a belt of feathers which are blue and black (mixed)...

ASH shoes (above), dark blue suede or... Pura Lopez (below) with black satin.

They suit well for a wedding. Hats are for summer and I don't think I could pull it off anyways...so this would be perfect. If I could decide which one to wear. (oh well... maybe i will leave it to the hairdresser...)

Oh, I can't wait. Weddings are so much fun! Yippee!



Now that I have gotten back* my beige dress it´s time to demonstrate my fresh enthusiasm towards sequins. I thought that sequins would be too much for me...being too flashy and all but I found out that I actually like a bit of a sparkle! The sequin vest looks good especially with this beige silk dress and also with a downgraded black dress. It brings a little something.

*The dress is from Zara and a little accident happened when a stranger poured accidentally a shot on me. Black liquid did not look good on the dress. Luckily the best dry cleaner ever got the stains away. I highly recommend Pyykkipoika on Espa.


Scarlett for Mango

I adore Scarlett Johansson. She is so feminine and hotttt...but without looking cheap. Plus she is talented in everything. This is one good example of it. The new MANGO campaign.

One thing that caught my attention was this last pic of her wearing the jacket with a slim belt around the waist (up-high). Exactly the same thing that Leighton Meester had. Hmm... is this a new trend that I have missed? It does look good though...


Hair Remedy

As the weather changes, hair and skin change as well. They get drier and therefore need special care. As the fall gets colder and my hair gets more vulnerable I change my conditioner to S-factor (by TIGI) which is especially great when used as a hair mask. I leave it on for 30 mins and go to sauna. The warmth makes it more effective and the end result is perfect. I recommend.

pic borrowed

The conditioner includes sunflower seed oil and the fragrance is minty. Love it.



As I have pointed out earlier, I love jewelry and I usually always wear some (or lots). This means that I also own quite amount of them...and therefore they need to be easily accessible. I found the perfect solution (thanks to Char who presented hers...).

The two jewelry racks are from Nougat and they are by Lisbethdahl. I simply love Danish designs, they please my esthetic eye :) The orchid is a gift from my boyfriend.

These are the everyday bracelets I mostly use (so not all of them). Snö of Sweden dominates in my collection of jewelry. Second comes the pieces from Urban a. I mix metallic, silver and white gold jewelry.

Pearls are the best. Again, mostly Snö of Sweden and couple of bracelets from Urban a. My favorite (the DPN pearl bracelet) I wear almost everyday. Pearls (real ones I mean...) need to be worn often since they need the moisture that comes from the skin.


Gossip Girl inspirations

These girls look good both in and off set. Leighton Meester rocks the look at LV show in Paris. Don't know what is the trick but she manages to look good with knee-socks and platform heels. Nice. Blake Lively on the other hand has a quite unique dress but looks damn good. I could not make either one of the looks work but they sure look good.


my favorite pieces

I'm a big fan of jewelry. I feel naked without my rings, earrings, bracelets etc. I have couple of favorites that I wear all the time.

Couple of years ago I started to wear a watch again. Before that I just checked my phone to know what time it is. However, now I could not manage without my watch. It is also an accessory for me. My watch is a Fossil and I have changed the wristband to it. I usually wear some bracelets with the watch.

These two rings are my favorite pieces.Both of them are gifts, the right one being a silver Kalevala ring (sydän= "heart") and the left one a Gucci white gold ring.

I own probably close to a one hundred pairs of earrings. I think I should get rid of some old ones since I do not use them anymore. Lately I have worn bigger and bigger earrings. Pearls and these (above) buttons are my favorites at the moment.

Pearls. Aahhhhhh! They are so classic and always good looking. This bracelet is a gift from my boyfriend, it is a DPN. I like DPN since the jewelry is classic but somehow contemporary. I like!


Favourite pair of boots

Cold. Where did it come from? I had to go dig up all my winter wear so that I would not freeze outside. One of the best things ever is a pair of UGG boots. They are so warm! Last weekend we were at the Finland-Wales football match and they were lifesavers! (it was so cold....brrrrr...)

These are bought from Courchevel (the French Alpes) last winter.

These ankle boots are is heavy use. Whyred Pallenberg. Love them! I bought these over a month ago (and got them with a 50% discount).


New trend?

IS getting married in UGGs a new trend? It might be according to the sequel of Sex and the City. Or maybe not. Kim Cattrall is just probably getting ready for a scene. Hopefully. One thing is for sure (at least according to the Internet sources...) the Sequel will premier on May 28th ! (2010 of course....)

pics borrowed from here

Trend: Brocade

Brocade is the material for fall skirts and even dresses. Different brands provide all kinds of clothing reminding of curtains. I have not decided what to think of it but I guess with a right kind of cut and fabric it can look stylish. D&G rely on this trend in their new campaign.

H&M likes it as well.

One thing is sure. Some trends require more eye for fashion than others. And...Too much is always too much. This skirt from Gina Tricot looks like it is ripped from someone´s grandmother´s curtains.
all pics borrowed


Chanel in a haystack

Paris fashion week. Oh, yes. Chanel Spring 2010 RTW. Wooden clogs, white, off-white, beige, black leather... seems like country has come into the fashion mecca of the world.

all pics borrowed from style.com
Lily Allen was performing. Have no idea what she sang but I could imagine this...



I am a fan of nude nails. Sometimes I paint my nails to match my outfit but usually I stick to the conservative nude nails or a french manicure. I rely on O.P.I nail polishes, they are, in my opinion, the best ones. Also, Sephora has good caring nail polishes which strengthen the nails.