What to wear...

...to an engagement party.

As an inspiration I took a look at Filippa K's (which is my oh-so-reliable-partner) spring collection @ Elle. It seems that bright colours are in line and it happens to be that I own one dress (that i have used only once...) in bright green. Therefore, I am wearing it tonight.

This dress is from Topshop (bought last year from Copenhagen) and to make it a little bit more festive I am wearing it with black high heels and some jewelry. I usually like to overdress a bit (more than underdress) to parties. If this occasion would be only a house party I would probably not be wearing high heels with the outfit. The accessories that one decides to wear define the outfit. Therefore, as this occasion is an engagement party at the couple's own apartment, the dresscode is smart casual with a twist of cocktail dresslike inspiration. Whatever you decide to wear, the most important thing is to feel comfortable.

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