Vampire Hype

It is all about vampires these days... or should I say, What is it with vampires? I think it all started with Twilight...continued to New Moon...And to Eclipse...to Breaking Dawn. Then there is the HBO series True Blood...and of course CWTV (the one behind Gossip Girl) had to do their own vampire story called The Vampire Diaries. (And do i need to mention that Backstreet Boys did their video with a vampire theme...yes, WHAT ?)

True Blood
If you want to check True Blood out, go here.

pics borrowed from true blood website

The Vampire Diaries
pic borrowed from cwtv

The CWTV version looks a lot like the Twilight scenes happening in the woods. Vampire Diaries website here.

It all comes down to Edward and Bella. AND..if you have no clue what this all is about...go check this out.

ps. if you like Heroes , Romeo&Juliet and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, i can recommend the Twilight saga books. And what does Romeo&Juliet have incommon with all this...well, Twilight saga is eventually about passionate love <3

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