Melrose Place

Still remember...The popular show called Melrose Place? I do. I remember how I was addicted to watch it and always thought I would want a similar career to "Amanda" 's (meaning Heather Locklear of course)...and I would want exactly same kind of office and a same kind of skirt suit (I don't know why I wanted that though....)

pic from getback.com

Now Melrose Place has returned (showing on CWtv in the States..the same that shows Gossip Girl...) with a new cast including Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (yes, Jessica's sister). New cast showing below.

pic borrowed from denverpost.com

From the old cast, it is surprising how many are still on top but with different series.

pic borrowed from jfxonline.com

Not only in Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City but also the new Beverly Hills = 90210 and Gossip Girl.

pic borrowed from yahoo.tv, kelly rutherford


  1. Honey, toivottavasti sun business-lookiin ei kuulu Amandan helman pituus ;) Puss!

  2. julmuri,
    ei tiettykään. tosin riippuu vähän yrityskulttuurista, missä voi pitää ja missä ei ;)

    mutta siis, ei kuulu.