Vampire Hype

It is all about vampires these days... or should I say, What is it with vampires? I think it all started with Twilight...continued to New Moon...And to Eclipse...to Breaking Dawn. Then there is the HBO series True Blood...and of course CWTV (the one behind Gossip Girl) had to do their own vampire story called The Vampire Diaries. (And do i need to mention that Backstreet Boys did their video with a vampire theme...yes, WHAT ?)

True Blood
If you want to check True Blood out, go here.

pics borrowed from true blood website

The Vampire Diaries
pic borrowed from cwtv

The CWTV version looks a lot like the Twilight scenes happening in the woods. Vampire Diaries website here.

It all comes down to Edward and Bella. AND..if you have no clue what this all is about...go check this out.

ps. if you like Heroes , Romeo&Juliet and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, i can recommend the Twilight saga books. And what does Romeo&Juliet have incommon with all this...well, Twilight saga is eventually about passionate love <3


Today is the day

..When the Hills and the City return with new season premieres.
With Kristin Cavallari on board it is sure there will be major drama in the Hills. Of course, as you know, the people are real..and the places are real. (when everything else is pretty much fake...in case you didnt know....)

The City will be shown straight after the Hills and with this season the show will concentrate more on workplace drama than relationship drama (is there a difference?)...

ps. shows can be seen @ MTV.com


Très cher pullover

Sonia Rykiel for H&M !
The next guest designer for H&M will be Sonia Rykiel this fall and the following spring 2010. First collection will be lingerie and second (available in spring) with knitwear for women and girls.

pic: S. Rykiel fall 2009


Reinvention of Beige

By Burberry Prorsum.

The media has stated that the Burberry Prorsum show in the 25th anniversary of London Fashion Week was something spectacular. I agree, by looking at the new collection it seems that neutral colors dominate and beige is back!

Also, all the A-listers were there (of course) looking fabulous. Emma Watson (second from left) is one of the new pets of Burberry...appearing as their new face in the campaign.


London has it all...


...Now the artwork of 25 fabulous designers is on display all over the London Undergroud. Wonderful! Just what it takes to make a ride more fun.

Christopher Bailey

Antonio Beradi

All the posters can be seen here.Pics borrowed from the same place.


Monique Lhuillier

Stars relied on Monique Lhuillier at the Emmys. Drew, Toni, Rose and Mila all wore the beautiful gowns of Monique Lhuillier.

pics borrowed from style.com


New Shoes

I´ve been long searching for the perfect dark blue pumps. Now I´ve found them. Since I have been stocking up on blue garments (dresses, dresses, dresses...) I thought that I definitely need a pair of blue suede pumps. And now I have them. Yippee!

The brand is ASH (Italian) and these I bought from beam.


Fashion Dose for today

Again time to update the runway news from New York ( I wish I was there...oh, well.. maybe some day:)


Vera Wang

Oh, i just love these shoes...


New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has started. This means that all the socialites are busy running from a show to another. Even though it is interesting to see what the celebs and "VIPs" are wearing, it is more interesting to have a sneak peek on what is coming up the following Spring 2010.

Diane von Furstenberg

DvF shows that the floral print is still fashionable in Spring. The line has been inspired by Egypt and silk is still the dominating material. Accessorizing is also important. Seems that indigo colors are to stay (at least for another season...)

Zac Posen



This year's MTV Video Music Awards (=VMAs) shocked with brave dresses (people.com).
However, among the beautiful and famous were also nicely dressed individuals such as...

Lauren Conrad
The ex- Hills star always looks chic. She definitely knows how to dress up well.

Kristin Cavallari
The new Hills star wears sequins nicely.
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.
The Twilight stars seen together again.

Adam Brody (The O.C.) and Megan Fox (Transformers& Jennifer's Body).


New mag Evita

Bonnier Publications has a new women's magazine specialized in well-being. I bought a copy to give it a chance and i like it! The mag has a wanted feature of well-being articles including healthy habits of eating, sports, psychology... it goes a bit deeper that the quite shallow "pretty pictures" mags. Of course it is not a science magazine so the articles need to be read with an ability to question the sources but I was surprised of the quality of it. Either way, very nice add to the monthly stack of women's magazines.


Sneak Peek

Hello lover!
SJP is rocking the high heels again... as the Sex and the City sequel is being filmed.

The cast together.

If you want a sneak peek to the film, here you can find videos and more from filming.


Melrose Place

Still remember...The popular show called Melrose Place? I do. I remember how I was addicted to watch it and always thought I would want a similar career to "Amanda" 's (meaning Heather Locklear of course)...and I would want exactly same kind of office and a same kind of skirt suit (I don't know why I wanted that though....)

pic from getback.com

Now Melrose Place has returned (showing on CWtv in the States..the same that shows Gossip Girl...) with a new cast including Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (yes, Jessica's sister). New cast showing below.

pic borrowed from denverpost.com

From the old cast, it is surprising how many are still on top but with different series.

pic borrowed from jfxonline.com

Not only in Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City but also the new Beverly Hills = 90210 and Gossip Girl.

pic borrowed from yahoo.tv, kelly rutherford


What to wear...

...to an engagement party.

As an inspiration I took a look at Filippa K's (which is my oh-so-reliable-partner) spring collection @ Elle. It seems that bright colours are in line and it happens to be that I own one dress (that i have used only once...) in bright green. Therefore, I am wearing it tonight.

This dress is from Topshop (bought last year from Copenhagen) and to make it a little bit more festive I am wearing it with black high heels and some jewelry. I usually like to overdress a bit (more than underdress) to parties. If this occasion would be only a house party I would probably not be wearing high heels with the outfit. The accessories that one decides to wear define the outfit. Therefore, as this occasion is an engagement party at the couple's own apartment, the dresscode is smart casual with a twist of cocktail dresslike inspiration. Whatever you decide to wear, the most important thing is to feel comfortable.