BabyDoll <3

Chloé sets the trend for a beautiful, fresh fall make-up. The face is supposed to look naturally dollyish. Fresh pink blush, big round eyes, soft peachy tones in lips. Nice!

pics: makeupforlife.net & style.com


Fab Ads

I read a lot of women's magazines. And when I say a lot...I mean a LOT. When browsing through them, one notices that they are full of advertisements. And I have noticed, during the times of this recession, that there are now even more. Somehow I have gotten so used to them that I barely pay attention, therefore the ad needs to be really really good to catch my attention. This Longchamp campaign is one of them, even though old ( i think created last year?) it still makes me stare...this is one of my all time favourites. Good advertising.


Birkin Forever

Olivia Palermo is carrying the one and only Birkin Bag which is a forever true classic. Her style is once again très chic. I am so much looking forward to the City premiere at the end of September...


Marc by Marc Jacobs

This beautiful baby is on my wish list now. Crazy for it. And also very VERY necessary. of course.


Angela Lindvall vs. Lily Allen

Sparkle is in the air. Sequins and high-gloss materials are hip at the moment. Lily Allen as well as Angela Lindvall have noticed this. Who knows, maybe the two share the same stylist as their outfits look very alike.

The cover of H&M Magazine Fall 2009.

Lily Allen in Helsinki, Flow Festival 2009.

The pictures are not the best but Lily is wearing a blue sequin jacket with a see-through corset.


Lip Balm Addict

I am a true lip balm addict. I would not survive a day without my precious lip moisturizers. The one and true classic is of course Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream.

Special Editions (like the one below, eighties edition) always catch my eye.
One of the newest finds is Clarins' Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm which is excellent especially during winter time. Perfect for sore lips.
The third favourite of mine is the Rosebud Salve which is a legend and also become available here in Finland during the last couple of years. I have not noticed any marketing for the product so it must speak for itself. For the ones who are not familiar with this lip balm and amazing moisturizer, I recommend to try out. It's definetely worth it.



It seems that deep indigo colors rule this fall.

Gucci, New Jackie bag in deep indigo green.

Blake Lively on the Gossip Girl set with a wonderful indigo blue dress. Wow.


Dark tones... fall must be approaching

source: and to buy these outfits net-a-porter.com

If white was the color of this summer, black is the color for fall 2009. The ever classic can be combined with black or then just deep green or blue. However, dark tones are coming and its time for the brights to move over.


Wonderful dress

Gossip Girl is always a continuous fashion show. I love especially this one!



Fall brings the new beautiful set of accessories to transform the outfits. Marni necklace is simple and chic.
Headpieces are still going strong and this Maison Michel headpiece is one to die for. Transforms the outfit into another level.


Crazy for my shoes

This Miu Miu doublecross platform sandal is obviously (as seen below) one favourite of Lauren's. I have been noticing that she relies on these pair of shoes often and therefore I was more than happy to find out that similar sandal is available from Vagabond as well.

This Vagabond version is not as pretty as the Miu Miu one but they'll do for me. Especially, as they cost only 39 euros! Yippee! Total bargain. Hopefully they will be used as often as Lauren's Miu Mius. :)


Madde's style

Princess Madeleine has a great style with a beautiful engagement ring. The Fendi dress is very elegant.

pic: net-a-porter.com


Purple Reign

Marchesa dress, pic from net-a-porter.com

Purple dominates this season's collections as designers rely on its colourful splash against the safe black. The color is effective in dresses, outerwear as well as in accessories.

Red Valentino dress

Brian Atwood suede pumps

Marc by Marc Jacobs top

Audrina Patridge at Teen Choice Awards, 2009


Lady Dior Handbag

Marion Cotillard stars in the Dior's Lady Dior film. The first chapter of the film presents the Lady Noire affair.

The chapter 2 continues with Lady Rouge which will be shot in New York. The story itself will include four cities.

The famous handbag can also be spotted in Gossip Girl.