Rock Chick

Yesterday we had a girls night out. We went to a rock gig. King Star is really awesome !
I actually wore a dress I bought over a year ago from Copenhagen (it´s from H&M though and the price tag was still on) but I never thought I would find a proper occasion to put it on. It is not my usual style, since it is really really short (and I had to put my latex leggings on) but sometimes it is fun to play a bit with outfits. And this rock gig seemed to be a proper occasion to show my other side.

Also, I got wonderful earrings as a graduation present from my lovely friends and they matched perfectly to the dress, so I was happy ! (thank you chicas, they are sooooo nice!)

Here is a clip from King Star's music. The boys are sooo talented! Good Luck guys! You will be stars!


  1. Hei kato juttu sun veskasta taustatiedoksi :D