Isabeli Fontana in Vogue Paris June/July 2009, Florilège.
Source: http://community.livejournal.com/modelcouture/1136591.html#cutid1

Little Boots

This summer Little Boots is one of the artists played from my iPod A LOT. i like.


Sun Protection

As the weather continues to be hot and sunny it is important to remember to protect yourself from the sun. I always wear sunscreen. Especially Clarins and Hawaiian Tropic are my favorites.

Also, After Sun moisturizing is a good way to re-boot your skin after sun.


Another Blue Dress

Another blue dress. As I was putting on my Acne dress (below) I noticed it looks a bit like the one Blake Lively is wearing (as Serena) above.

The dress from Acne is silk and very comfortable to wear. Something an outfit needs to be as the summer is heating up !


Beach Curls

The trend is tousled. Long hair needs the salt-swept look now. The beach babe curls are best with Toni&Guy 's Beach Curl Spray which smells nice and leaves the hair post-beach perfect (even with no beach at all...).

As seen at Balmain fashion show (RtW, spring 2009).


4 summer trends

This summer one can spot at least four trends that have dominated the clothing lines. The trends can be seen from the fabrics (silk, silk and once again silk...), the patterns (animal print, graphics, floral) and from the accessories (scarfs, hats, belts etc.)


Deep sea greens, sky blues, marine-ish feeling. (This also explains why there is so much blue available.)


Urban and animal prints. Rock combined with leopard. (not my style really but there is a lot of supply...)


Beige. In every form. And sandy colours, natural skin tones.


Colours of the jungle, exotic patterns and fabrics. And yep, silk it is again!

(And ps. No, I did not just make this all up, I visited Zara.com and found out the truth there...:)



I like bracelets. At the moment, I like to wear multiple at a time.
Most of my jewelry in the picture is from Urban a. One (the second one from down) is a gift so I don´t know its origins. Also, (in the upper picture) you can see a Gucci white gold ring that I am always wearing. I usually mix and match jewelry.

Trouble is a Friend

Sometimes life makes you wonder was is it with happiness? Why can't it just be continuous? Oh well, it just would not feel the same I guess...
Today was one of those days that you wake up and things just seem wrong. And then they continue to go wrong. Sports and music usually save my day. Lenka is one of my favorites at the moment. (Also familiar from the Hills.)



I got this wonderful Ecoist purse from my friends as a graduation present. It looks so delicious! If you are interested in the brand, go check out what it´s all about (from the link).


Rock Chick

Yesterday we had a girls night out. We went to a rock gig. King Star is really awesome !
I actually wore a dress I bought over a year ago from Copenhagen (it´s from H&M though and the price tag was still on) but I never thought I would find a proper occasion to put it on. It is not my usual style, since it is really really short (and I had to put my latex leggings on) but sometimes it is fun to play a bit with outfits. And this rock gig seemed to be a proper occasion to show my other side.

Also, I got wonderful earrings as a graduation present from my lovely friends and they matched perfectly to the dress, so I was happy ! (thank you chicas, they are sooooo nice!)

Here is a clip from King Star's music. The boys are sooo talented! Good Luck guys! You will be stars!


Grecian Pose

pics: net-a-porter.com&neimanmarcus.com, only inspirational

Designers and the fashion world have gotten excited about Grecian style. Therefore, this summer (when the summer actually starts and it gets warm) I am going for Grecian style. The little details such as knots, bows and braids in dresses and light fabrics suit well for the summer.

pics: CW tv, Gossip Girl

Here you can see some inspirational photos from a Gossip Girl episode (S2E1).


More Blue

As told, I am into blue. I bought this Filippa K silk dress earlier during this spring and found the Chanel-ish jacket that matched perfectly with it later from Zara. Actually, later when reading Swedish Elle I found an article of ten classics (of which Chanel knit jacket was of course one) and there was an almost identical jacket. I know Zara copies a lot, and I am not usually fond of buying identical copies, but this was purely an accident. Either way, I love the jacket. It goes perfectly with jeans or with this silk dress.


Outfit wanted

Few weeks ago I noticed a pretty Adam tank top (above) at net-a-porter. I thought it would be perfect with latex leggings and high heels.

The MINT (the white one on the right) tank goes actually also along with the idea so I would match either one of these tanks with those Fendi leather pants and a nice pair of Louboutins. The Chanel diamond earrings would top the outfit.



Dress # 5

Dress and the denim jacket, both from Mango.
This spring I got excited about colour blue again. Somehow I noticed I was picking up only clothes with any shades of blue. This marine-ish dress is also blue-striped and therefore goes along with my new obsession with blue. I do not know how to brake the pattern yet but I have noticed my hands are shifting towards flowery silk dresses in stores...so maybe change is coming (if only it was a bit warmer and they would be wearable).

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Graduation dresses !

This simple LBD is the dress for today´s graduation ceremony since the event is academic in nature. I added the flower to bring a little something.
This dress is my graduation party dress (from Valkoinen Elefantti). The flower is also from there (sorry for the bad pics...the colour does not show properly). I love the dress! I am planning to wear it with my high Pura Lopez heels (those gladiatorish below...).

I am quite excited about tomorrow! (Today just makes me nervous..hopefully I won´t fall on stage when receiving my degree diploma...).
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High heels for high hopes

Tomorrow is my (official !) graduation day! WOHOU ME ! This means I have studied for 300credits, for toooooo many hours to even know how to count and thousands and thousands and thousands pages of business. So, this naturally means a party...and a party means high heels. I am going for Pura Lopez since they look nice, and they feel good as well! Even with an 11cm heel (those gladiatorish high heels). For the ceremony at school, I am going to wear the open toe sling back (suede) shoes.
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Branded Waters

Water business is something I am continuously wondering. In my mind, it all began from VOSS, at least that was the first water I remember that was "cool" to drink. Then all different kinds of healthy waters, and just "normal" waters with nicer packages, came into picture. Evian is a good example of this. Christian Lacroix and Jean-Paul Gaultier are its famous designers.

Also, Vitaminwater has become popular in the States (partly of course due to Gossip Girl where its product placement is self-evident). But what is it with these waters, is it really worth it to pay extra for just water?


Macaroons... !!!

My graduation party is on following Saturday (yippee!). This means, that the preparations for the party are mostly done as they started already a month ago! I love organizing parties! Especially I love that I can plan every little detail carefully. I get enormous amounts of satisfaction from it (freaky me). Anyways, one of the little details was macaroons. I just love them! So cute and soooo good!