Are you ready?

The parties arrive! It is time for the early celebration of all the graduates (high school, university...or whatever!) Of course, the trouble always is what to wear! Usually there are more than a one party so there needs to be multiple outfits. The safest way is to dress accordingly (yes, conventionally!) not to shock anyone.

These pictures are from Givenchy Haute Couture runway show (09) and the outfits are both very elegant. Of course, they are just to inspire you to dress. It is always safe to rely on neutral colours, especially now as they are trendy and suit well for the summer season. I think I will rely on an ivory coloured silk blouse and a skirt to match the shirt.


Love Makes The World Go Round

pics: Vogue Paris June/July 2009

Jumpsuits - love it or hate it?

Jumpsuits were supposed to be big already last year (at least according to the "fashion gurus' " statements). However, if not last year, certainly now they are big! I have not yet decided what to think. At least Blake Lively wears it well.

Gossip Girl crew. Blake Lively wearing an ADAM jumpsuit.

Adam "playsuit".


Chanel N°5

pic: chanelno5.com

Jean-Pierre Jeunet (the director of Amélie) has directed the new Chanel N°5 short film. In ads like this, the feeling is much more stronger and therefore I really like these short films for the fragrance houses. Furthermore, Sofia Coppola has directed the new Miss Dior Chérie, also a must see.


Chic White

This Oscar de la Renta dress needs me. It would be perfect for summer evenings.

This white Jenah bag from Mulberry is the perfect minimalist friend with the dress.

Oh, I really really feel like I need these! I will add them to my wish list.


I love GHD

GHD stylers are the best hair straighteners. If you haven´t tried one, you should. There is no better hair straightener than GHD. If you master styling with irons, you can also make wonderful curls with it. With this straightening iron, you will never have bad hair days.


Fresh florals

One of this summer's trends is floral prints. I recently found a shirt from H & M with resemblance of the DvF floral shirt (the one Jessica Alba is wearing on the ELLE cover). I like it.


I want Lanvin... Not flowers.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Not that I´m expecting any gifts... haha!
This statement tee describes my state of mind well. I want Lanvin... Not flowers (except from my boyfriend of course).

Where is your headpiece?

DvF shows how to do it. Headpieces are hot right now. Where is yours?


H&M Home

pics: hm.com

Last Saturday I went shopping for a new bed. Now I "need to" redo all my linen because my new bed will be bigger (it´s a double bed). What a shame! Somehow I´m fascinated by the H&M Home -line. They are not too expensive and they look good (maybe because of the wonderful pics?).

Coffee break at the sea

Yesterday I went boating. Coffee break at the sea made my day.


Lash Queen

The best mascara ever is the Lash Queen from Helena Rubinstein. Now they have it as Feather Collection edition (above) as well. My ultimate favourite is the Lash Queen Feline Blacks (right).


Tan from a Can

pic: guerlain.com

Even though sun is shining, it is safer to get your tan from a can. Guerlain has the best series (Terracotta) of self-tanners. Always remember to scrub and moisturize your skin before applying self-tanning cream. Also, remember to wash your hands afterward in order not to get totally orange hands.


Style for Stylish

pic: http://www.veuve-clicquot.com

The new Veuve Clicquot Rosé. Perfect to start the weekend with. This new Globalight (designed by Karim Rashid) "cooler" keeps the champagne at the ideal temperature.

Morning Latte

Today I started my morning with a latte from Taika -mug (Iittala). Somehow the coffee just tastes better from a nice piece of design.


Matthew Williamson for H&M

pic: www.hm.com

Pura Lopez

Pura Lopez heels are to die for. These I bought for my graduation.

Pic: www.puralopez.com

Tights are not pants

Pic: Leggings from American Apparel

Everyone´s using leggings. Latex leggings are especially hot right now. Even though guys mostly hate them, every girl knows how comfortable they are. However, they are not for everyone and canNOT be used as pants (unless you have the supermodel body)...ladies... tights are not pants so cover your asses!


Dress # 2

This dress is also from French Connection. I bought it from Copenhagen in April, when I was visiting my dear friend there. Copenhagen has the best shopping possibilities in the Nordic Countries. The city is amazing (and not only because of all the stores)!

Crazy for Coconut

Sephora has the best body butters. At the moment, I am crazy for the Coconut Body Butter (Sephora´s own house brand). It´s soooooo good! Too bad Sephora does not have any stores here in Finland.


Matthew Williamson for H&M

Personally, i love H&M TV ads, I think they have succeeded in adding value to their brand by advertising. This ad is no exception. I simply love it. Hopefully the ad will be shown in full lenght here in Finland.

Beauty Rush

I have been a fan of Victoria´s Secret for over 10 years now. Except their wonderful underwear, they have nice beauty products! This lip gloss is one of the best ever and they come in over 20 shades (of which I have probably ten...) They also taste nice so something sweet for the boyfriends as well.


Something new...

...I am soon turning 25...it´s not that I´m becoming old but I feel like I should pursue new things.
Therefore I am trying something new...blogging. Yippee me!
In this blog, I will channel all my free energy towards fashion, trends, shopping and everything interesting. Hopefully it will be a satisfactory way to fill in the free time I have in my hands.
ps. I just love love love dresses. Here is one of my latest buys...an FCUK "dream dress".