Over the weekend

Wedding season is full on. First of the many to come were last weekend. Such a nice and fun way to spend the weekend. Below, outfit of the day (#ootd).

Jacket from Zara, dress Alice&Olivia, Shoes Charlotte Olympia


The perfect girly pair #teaser

When I first started to think what I would like to wear on my wedding day I started the whole dreaming process from shoes. Obviously. I fell in love with this Valentino pair that was all over different wedding planning sites and blogs. I started hunting them down and found them... ordered them. And then did not love them as much as I thought I would. So -- as lovely as they seem, I am not wearing them on my wedding day. Instead - I'm wearing something different... what? I will show you later.


Fashion month re-cap

The previous month has been spent going through fashion week collections from New York, London, Milan and finally Paris. More and more I get this feeling that Paris is the one that most fits my style and mood and less I find anything inspiring from New York shows. Maybe it's just me.

Paris highlights for me were of course Chanel supermarket and Nicolas Ghesquière's first collection for Louis Vuitton. I also always love brands such as Elie Saab, Valentino and Giambattista Valli.

LV F/W 2014
Valentino F/W 2014


Using oil in this and that

So, going with the trendy way, I also got sucked into the "replace all your beauty products and just use oil" -trend. It first started with argan oil. I know... everyone's using argan oil and it's amazing. I also think so... haha. I think I read somewhere how Emma Stone's life changed after she started using argan oil. Yep, that's what it did for me also. But here's the deal, also olive oil and coconut oil are great for skin care. Again - this depends on what kind of skin you have but if you have the same dry, itchy, blotchy, dry and sensitive skin that I have, it's possible that using oils will change your life too.

Argan oil

This I use for face: for removing make up and moisturizing. I rather use this for face than olive oil (cold pressed, organic by the way) since they've put it to the beauty product looking bottle. Really, there's no other reason.

Olive oil

Olive oil has been Gisele Bundchens beauty trick for years. She claims she lathers herself with it. Because she looks over the top gorgeous, I also wanted to give it a try. It works. It works better than any other body oil but the smell reminds be of cooking or making a vinaigrette so I usually opt for coconut oil.

Coconut oil

Dry and freezing winter weather make my skin go crazy. Especially when doing a lot of sports and hopping to the shower every day twice. Sometimes I use the oil before going to the shower since it leaves my skin feeling great afterwards. Also, it allows me to stand in the shower for an unlimited period of time, running the hot water... this is what I do always on winter time.

So really, as I said - life changing. And yes, I do use a lot of other beauty products as well.. I haven't gone all hippie about this trend.
More about the trend here and here.


Inspiration for January

Outfit inspiration for January 2014. This is exactly what I would like to wear. I'm loving the fact that the weather is above zero degrees and there is no snow. Yes, I know there are many who wish for snow but I'm not among that group. Personally, I love the no-slush streets and warm wintery weather. (I do miss skiing though if I must find something negative in this situation.)

Picture cropped from net-a-porter's The Edit



Bright colors

This electric blue Equipment blouse is one my wardrobe staples. Just jeans and this and I'll be ready in 5. It's also almost too comfortable to wear with its velvety silk. The only problem is that people keep touching you as the fabric is so soft ;)


Holiday dressing\ Stripes

I tend to gravitate towards black and white plus black&white. Okay so these stripes might actually be navy blue but still... If I spot an item with nice stripes it's most likely to end up in my shopping bag. That's also what happened last time at Kenzo. So... yep. I love the little patent leather tassels that are in the zippers. Nice details.

Knit dress from Kenzo


Warmer winter clothes

Old favorite from Zara. Perfect for cold winter weather and especially in Lapland when the thermometer hits -30°C.